Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brand New World

I've had an awful time getting motivated lately. I started this page for a challenge I was going to enter, but then didn't get it done in time. It just wasn't right. My friend Donna came over and gave me a few pointers and taught me the polished stone technique, so I made part of a border from that. The challenge was to use turqouise, teal, and cream. I have all these baby pictures for my little GIRL and had a rough time making it girlie, but Donna definitely helped. What do you all think?

I really need to get motivated on the card front too. I sit in the craft room at the table and just stare. I start to get an idea and then it disappears, or doesn't look right when I'm finished! Ugh!
I think I really need to say "No" occassionally, but it's really hard for me! Right now I'm deep into the March of Dimes Signature Chef auction and it's been keeping me busy at my real job and after hours. It's a wonderful cause and I really love doing it. I'm working on the programs currently. SU actually sent this HUGE box to donate as a prize and I put it all in a basket last night. It is OVERFLOWING! Once I get it looking pretty, I'll take a picture. They donated a full set of watercolor pencils and crayons. Thirteen stamp sets, all kinds of accessories, stamp ink, chalk, just loads of stuff. I've been asking anyone that wants to make a SU card to put in the basket to please send those to me. I'll provide the envelope. I've been including some of my DTP swaps, etc. That way there are samples in the basket as well. I'm hoping it won't go for much so I can purchase it!!! hahaha

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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