Monday, November 12, 2007

Turkey with a 5-Point Flower Punch

Gobble, gobble...

Here's a turkey project that we made at a workshop last week. I used the 5-Point Flower Punch from SU, the 1 1/3 circle, the 3/4 circle and the Spring Flower Punch.

I punched 2 5-Point Flowers each of 3 different colors (Glorious Green, Real Red, Only Orange).

Stack the circles (Chocolate Chip) and adhere together for body and head. Cut the petals of the flowers apart and adhere to back of turkey in way you like. Cut tip of one of the orange pedals off to make the beak.

Use the Spring Flower punch to make two feet and one gobbler thingy.

If you are going to attach the turkey to a card, you can do so now. If you want to make a name plate or something else, you can put a large Chocolate Chip circle on the back to hide the messiness as well.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it really doesn't take long to put together, and they are so adorable!

This was shown to me by Nyla Kelley.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So I had my very first workshop this past weekend. My step-mother (biggest cheerleader, customer, and friend) hosted the party and it went really well. I used the card shown here that I learned to make at Regionals this past September. I was really happy with the turn out and it seemed to be a hit. It's a Pocket Card, so can be used for gift certificates, etc. I love the jumbo brads and stamping on the pattern paper.
We had 11 ladies show up and a very good time.
Here's to more fun in the future!
Here are the direction for making a pocket card.
Pocket Card

Card Stock:
Main color – 12” x 4” (Glorious Green shown here)
2nd Color – 3½” x 3½” (Real Red shown here)
3rd Color – 3½” x ½” (White shown here)
4th Color - Could use embellishment or paper here. I stamped an image on pattern paper and went that route.

Jumbo eyelet
Bone Folder
Paper Snips
Paper Cutter w/ scoring blade

1. Score Main card stock at 4” and 8”. Score diagonally from the top of the 4” score mark to the bottom of the 8” score mark. Fold card away from you on the diagonal score, and then fold up on the 8” score mark to create pocket. Adhere pocket together, leaving top open. Fold on 4” score mark to create 4” x 4” card.
2. With the scored piece of card stock, make sure that the middle, diagonal score mark is going from top left to bottom right. Fold the middle, diagonal fold backwards.
3. Fold the remaining two pieces to make a card.
4. Adhere the pocket to the back of the card, remember to not glue the pocket part, so you can slip something in it.