Thursday, May 22, 2008

RAK from Pat!

I so love getting RAK's! What a pretty card I got in the mail yesterday. It was a thank you card from my sweet friend Pat. She's a fairly new stamper and I love watching her grow in her stamping! Great job of layering and using embellishments! I'm so proud to get this card. Thanks so much Pat!

I also want to mention that there is a blog giving away some awesome candy for their 5000 visitor. If you want a chance to win, visit and get signed up! It's always fun to win a little something.

I've got so many different activities coming up with stamping opportunites I can hardly wait! Anyone got any great big stmaping plans for the weekend? I'd love to actually clean my stamp room out and get some things going. I'm really behind on some great potentials, but this weather is so nice!!!! How's the weather where you are? Sunny, I hope! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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